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(CSHRN) Civil Society and Human Rights Organization

In August 2004,  24 human rights organizations  registered the Civil Society and Human Rights Network in the Ministry of Justice and according to the general assembly of (CSHRN), the Network registered in February 2011 with the Ministry of Economy with the official name of Civil Society and Human Right Organization (CSHRO). We are organized as a nationwide network of 82 civil society organizations representing broad segments of the Afghan society in Kabul and in four provin­ces. Our members work in a variety of areas such as  women’s issues, transitional justice, radio- and TV production, printed media, but we are all bound together by our common commit­ment to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and our common determination to promote human rights and to consistently apply rights based approaches to what we do.

We firmly believe that Afghanistan can become a society based on democracy and the rule of law in accor­dance with human rights. This belief has become our vision so accordingly, we expect our society to become a nation, where all peo­ple are aware of their rights and where they dare to claim them through the rule of law.

We are currently very engaged in:

  • Promoting the role of women in peace, stability and security
  • Conflict transformation
  • Reduction of domestic violence
  • Access to Information

We want to establish a capable human rights movement and to increase the understanding and the respect for human rights and the rule of law. It is an ambitious task we have taken upon us, and our tools are modest. We engage in dialogues, we organize symposiums, conferences and workshops as we have experienced that the most sustainable path to improvement is by mutual acknowledgement, inclusion and exchange of views. We firmly believe that rule of law can only be realized in an environment of a vibrant rights based civil society and on citizens’ access to par­tici­pate in the gover­nance of the country in safety and dignity. It is the right of our people to enjoy full access to the funda­men­tal freedoms and to strive for the improvement and realization of social and economic rights.

Our network has been systematically built up since its embryonic start in 2002, and its establishment as a network in 2004. We have a thorough planning as the basis of our activities and our approach is strategic, participatory and thoroughly democratic. We are accountable and transparent; our members all have full access to network information; we work within the framework of our Constitution, and we are based on the Univer­sal Declaration of Human Rights.

Our outreach

Through our nationwide network structure, we have achieved an unparalleled outreach, considering that we are just one organi­sation. We are for instance in current contact to remote areas such as Kunar, Nuristan, Qundus, Takhar, Faryab, Farah and Daikundi provinces. We manage to work under circum­stan­ces where security consi­de­ra­tions both politically and in the very physical sense must be included in all activi­ties at all times. Our nationwide presence proves that our knowledge on hu­man rights, of our strategic approach and of our ability to enter into a dialo­gue are valuable and essential for our work under difficult circumstances.     

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key result area's


To expand the civil society and human rights network, to exchange practical information and experience among member organizations other stakeholders in order to promote the mechanisms and the structure of the human rights movement.

Capacity Building

To develop abilities and skills (theory and practice) concerning civil society and human rights concepts.To increase the human rights knowledge and skills of CSHRN and other stakeholders in order to establish a well-functioning civil society with the aim of implementing, strengthening and developing a human rights culture.


To influence policy makers to pursue and to ensure implementation of human rights standards and rule of law in Afghanistan. To create a human rights based environment in accordance with international human right standards and the Afghan Constitution.

Human Rights Monitoring

Documentation, analysis and reporting on human rights violations and on the respect, protection and realisation of human rights regulations and their incorporation and implementation into national law. Promotion of human rights standards within the state structure, based on transparency, accountability and dialogue.

Public Awareness

Empower the population to claim its rights in accordance with international standards and the Afghan Constitution, by enhancing the level of popular awareness through dissemination of information on human rights norms.

our team Members

Sayed Hussain Anosh

Executive Director

Hassan Ali Fiaz

Research Director

Hazratkhan Hoshmand

Admin & Finance Manager

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