Civil Society and Human Rights Network in partnership with ICCO in Conflict Transformation

By: Ahmad Seyar Lalee

During of the two past years CSHRN/ICCO collaborate constructively in the field of conflict transformation. Both institutions organize constructive dialogues with each other concerning the role of civil society and human rights. The main purpose of the cooperation between two partners is to support civil society in strengthening of security, stability and peace in Afghanistan. That is the main reason of designing the cooperation agreement on “ Conflict Transformation ” program. According to the cooperation agreement of CSHRN organized the first consultative seminar amongst civil society organizations on the way of tackling conflict transformation on 26 th of February of 2009.

Article03-09-1The seminar facilitated and collaborated by international experts of Danish Institute for Human Rights (DIHR) in this seminar the participants decided to work on an educational manual on the theoretical as well as practical components of conflict transformation. According to the seminar a working group of civil society actors was elected to provide the educational manual so- called conflict transformation manual. The working group worked during the past 8 months in the different fields of conflict in Afghanistan the working group also made an analyze on internal and external elements of conflicts in Afghanistan. The working group worked in a close discourses with CSHRN members. CSHRN Executive Secretariat coordinated the activities of the working groups in order to prepare necessary meetings of the working group with Afghan intellectuals, sate institutions, some international organizations and the Afghan national human rights institutions. On December 2009 the working group presented the draft of the educational manual to the second consultative seminar of CSHRN members. The goal of the seminar was to discuss the draft of manual afterwards to approve the draft of the manual. The manual will be printed and used by the civil society and other stakeholders for conflict transformation in Afghanistan . CSHRN will organize a series of educational trainings for civil society in 23 provinces of Afghanistan.

The program is closely communicated with ICCO. The activity of CSHRN in conflict transformation is supported by ICCO.

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