CSHRN was adopted as the main partner by Tawanmandi ORG

Since 2010, the human rights organizations decided to create a supportive box (fund) for supporting the civil society institutions in Afghanistan in order to coordinate some practical and constructive programs for strengthening the civil society institutions in the country. The Great Britain, Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Swiss are the states that work to bringing together the international help and supports in strengthening the civil society institutions; therefore they have managed many consultative meetings with civil institutions since 2010. The outcome of these meetings is establishing Civil Society Understanding and Supportive center by the name of «Tawanmandi». Tawanmandi has commenced its operations since 2012, and coordinated its activities in three stages. The first stage was forming organizational capacities. During this period, managerial and administrative guidelines and standards were created.

The second stage was the early phase of supporting, during this stage a number of civil society institutions were technically and economically supported by Tawanmandi. The third stage of Tawanmandi’s activities was concerning with selecting the main partners in different fields. Human Rights is one of the key issues in the programs of Tawanmandi in Afghanistan. In order to better recognize its main partners, Tawanmandi has assessed monitoring, managerial and administrative programs of many organizations. Monitoring groups of Tawanmandi have evaluated and observed the organizational, managerial, administrative and executive structures of the organizations that provided their proposals for strategic partnership with Tawanmandi ORG. In the meantime, Tawanmandi has evaluated their strategic programs and policies, and as a result, CSHRN has successfully passed the evaluation process and was formally recognized as the main partner of Tawanmandi in the field of strengthening human rights in the country. CSHRN’s executive programs in cooperation and coordination with Tawanmandi will be started from 2014. These programs will be concerning with human rights advocacy, capacity building of civil society institutions, awareness programs regarding human rights values and monitoring human rights situation in Afghanistan. The secretariat of CSHRN would like to congratulate all the member organization on this joint success.

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