A joint statement of Afghan Women’s Network and Civil Society Human Rights Network and on the occasion of 8th of March International women’s day

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In the name of Almighty Allah

A joint statement of Afghan Women’s Network and Civil Society Human Rights Network
and on the occasion of 8th of March International women’s day

March 2010

On the occasion of 8th of March International Women’s Day, the Afghan civil society organisations demand the Afghan State and international community to pay serious attention to Peace and security and find way of tackling of current violence.

The 8th of March is recognised as the International Women’s day. International Women’s Day is a global day celebrating the economic, political and social achievements of women past, present and future. To celebrate this important day is distinguished as international advocacy for human rights of women, gender balance and social-economic and cultural security of women across the world.

The Afghan women as a part of the Afghan and international community annually celebrate 8 th of March as an important day for Afghan society. During this day the Afghan women raise their voice and inputs on the role of women through civil society organisations and Afghan media.

During the current year the Afghan women is practicing very difficult time. During this year the Afghan women badly suffered from lack of security and stability. Along with the security the Afghan women suffered from lack of economic and social security. Main social problems of Afghan women were the following issues: Domestic violence, rape and abuses, abduction of young girls, humiliation of women by warlords and criminals, lack of gender balance, misinterpretation of religious values concerning women and deterioration of the role of Afghan women.

Lately the international and national military forces organised a series of heavy military operations where a number of civilians were killed and a big number of them were injured. The Taliban and other terrorists use the civilians and their houses as their safe shelters. Consequently the number of casualties especially amongst women and children enhanced severely. The terrorists conduct military terrorist horrible and bloody actions in the crowded areas of the big cities of Afghanistan . These actions badly damage the security situation in Afghanistan and increase the pessimistic approach of Afghan population on the current situation.

The Afghan Women’s Network (AWN) and the Civil Society and Human Rights Network (CSHRN) are the umbrella organisations of Afghanistan civil society. Both institutions express their deepest concerns about broadening of violence in the country. On the occasion of International Women’s Day both networks would like to express the following elements:

•  We condemn the use of civilians and their houses for military purposes. We believe such actions are against all basic human rights and International Humanitarian Law conditions.

•  We would like to follow up the previous statements to demand the Afghan state to organise useful strategies to protect civilians and making useful plans to evacuate innocent civilians in the conflict areas.

•  We seriously ask the international military forces to avoid all kinds of mistakes during their operations that result civilian casualties. We ask them do not repeat the mistakes. The Afghan people are tired of hearing repeatedly statements of apologies of the NATO forces to Afghan citizens.

•  We would like to demand the Afghan police and other law enforcement organs to prioritize physical and social security for Afghan women. We ask them to provide justice for any crime against women and children abuses.

•  We would like to welcome the approval of new legislation on reduction of violence against women. We would like to ask all the involved organisations to do all their plans to implement the new approved legislations.

•  We would like to ask the Afghan Parliament to tackle and approve legislations relating gender balance and secure the role of women in the Afghan society.

•  We continuously would like to demand the President of Afghanistan to use the capacity of Afghan women in the political structure of Afghanistan . We ask President of Afghanistan to appoint more Afghan women in the new cabinet of Afghanistan.

•  We would like to welcome the latest statement of Ms Navi Pillay, the United Nation High Commissioner for Human Rights on the occasion of 8 th of March to attract attention of United Nations member states to encourage the role of women and support gender balance. We demand the Afghan State to show more commitment to The Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women (CEDAW), and organise national programmes to implement it.

•  We would like to ask the Afghan State to implement and integrate the UN Security Council resolution nr 1325 especially on the role of women in the Afghan national legislation. We emphasize that the Afghan state respect the role of women in policy making process especially in Pease and security building.

•  We would like to ask the national and international media to cover the Afghan women problems and make useful programmes to raise women awareness.

•  We would like to ask the international community in Afghanistan to support and strength the programmes, activities and organisations working for women’s role in the society.

The Afghan Women Network and Civil Society and Human Rights Network would like to congratulate all women and human rights actors across the world and especially Afghan women on the occasion of International Women’s Day. We wish Peace, security and stability in Afghanistan.

The Afghan Women Network
The Afghanistan Civil Society and Human Rights Network

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