Awareness rising is one of the main components of CSHRO forth phase

During the last thirty years Afghanistan has experienced wide-base human rights violation. The different political regimes misused the human rights values for their political agenda. In the same time the warlords and military and political groups have violated fundamental human rights principles in Afghanistan. During the last thirty years the military and political parties straggled against each other to capture the political power in Afghanistan . During this period of time around two million Afghans have been killed and around two million Afghans have become disabled. According to CSHRO studies lack of information in the political structure and lack of awareness of human rights values among the Afghan population is one of the main reasons of human rights violation in the country. According to CSHRO analyses the main aspect of human rights violations have been recorded in the field of civil rights. Torture, political prosecution, limitation of freedom of speech, restriction of freedom of association and lack of freedom of media have been considered as the main area of violations of human rights during this period of time. After the Taliban regime the new Afghan constitution grantees the human rights values equally to all citizens of Afghanistan . Based on the new Afghan constitutional support the civil society institutions were established in post Taliban period in Afghanistan . CSHRO organized itself in 2004. During this period CSHRN has been mainly engaged in the fields of coordination amongst civil society, capacity building of its member organizations, advocacy and promotion of human rights. According to CSHRN, awareness rising about human rights values is one of the most important elements for promotion and protection of human rights. Therefore CSHRN General Assembly has decided to encourage all member organizations to become more active in the field of public awareness about human rights values.

This program has two main components; the first one is to inform the political and governmental structures of the Afghan state about human rights values. In this component CSHRO will disseminate information and publication about human rights values to these structures. Meanwhile CSHRO organizes debates and informative programs for these structures based on its strategy.

The second component is broad wide public awareness raising programs. CSHRO will organize capacity building program for civil society institutions on the techniques as well as methodologies of raising public awareness. CSHRO organize trainings for its member organization on the issue of human rights based on its human rights educational manuals.

CSHRO will organize debates and discourses through its human rights magazine “Angara”. Angara magazine will be disseminated to universities, public libraries, governmental institutions and to the members of the parliament.

CSHRO radio program “The Voice” will address human rights violations and the way of reduction human rights violations. Meanwhile the radio raises awareness of Afghan population in the remote areas of Afghanistan . The radio will broadcast human rights fundamental principles in a very simple and understandable language.

CSHRO home page, expands its informative programs during the fourth phase. The web side will be one of the main resources for human rights issue in Afghanistan. The web side will release reports analyses of the human rights situation in the regions and provinces. It will also broadcast educational programs on human rights. The website will also air human rights radio online programs.

CSHRO awareness raising program will be supported by the cooperation of Afghan national media. CSHRO cooperate with “Killid Group”, a group of Afghan media to broadcast CSHRO public awareness raising programs throughout Afghan national media.

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