Capacity Building

To increase the human rights knowledge and skills of CSHRN’s employees and other stakeholders in order to establish a well-functioning civil society with the aim of implementing, strengthening, and developing a human rights culture.

  • CSHRN: It is registered in the Ministry related to its work, as the platform (bylaw) of the human rights democracy and the strengthening of civil society.
  • Executive Secretariat: It has the responsibility to prepare, organize, and carry out the activities based on CSHRN´s strategy.
  • Member Organizations: they are registered in the ministry related to their work, and they work in the field of human rights and civil society, and adhere to the CSHRN’s statutes.
  • Related Organizations: These are the organizations, which are not members of the CSHRN, but work in the field of civil society.

To create a capable secretariat, a team of professional trainers, educational manuals and materials and an informative website to conduct educational programs for the member and related organisations, in order to enable the member organizations to train their members and to promote and disseminate human rights, thereby fulfilling their mandate and strengthening the human rights culture within the civil society in the country.
Through the website, CSHRN disseminates information concerning human rights to its members, other civil society organisations and to the society in general.