Civil Society & Human Rights Network’s statement Regarding the recent statute (regulation) of the ministers council


In the name of Almighty Allah

Civil Society & Human Rights Network’s statement
Regarding the recent statute (regulation)
of the ministers council

Kabul , Afghanistan
Oct 5, 2012

President Hamid Karzai tasked ministry of information & culture to prevent from the publication of those programs of media’s which are (falsifying the public’s mind) and are against national interest in ministers council of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan On Monday, Oct 01.

In the statute of this meeting, without mentioning the name of the media, the publications and of some of the media has been considered abhorrent to the national interest.

Civil Society & Human Rights Network (CSHRN) of Afghanistan has expressed its concern from the approval of this statute’s and considered that against the law and a pressure on the media and analysts.

According to Afghanistan ‘s general media law, the high media council is the only source which has the responsibility for designing and formulating the long term media policy in the country and no other entity including the ministry of information & culture has the right of interfering in media policy in the country.

Having no clear definition and precise understanding of the expressions like (against national interest) and (falsifying the public’s mind) which have been used in this statute and also ambiguity on their identification, can cause to limit the freedom of media and lead to some unpleasant consequences.

Setting open discussions and participation of analyst, researchers and affairs experts on different issues of the country plays an important role on increasing public awareness and is considered as one of the unique achievements of media in Afghanistan.

General media law and Afghanistan ‘s constitution has defined the role of the media and freedom of expressions to the citizens of Afghanistan . These roles have been defined based on the civil liberties. Civil liberties is guaranteeing the freedom of expression and freedom of media and any type of government interference in these two significant phenomena, will be detrimental for the freedoms of citizenship.

The Civil Society & Human Rights Network of Afghanistan is demanding dialogue between the civil society, Media and the government in order to remove the misunderstandings and prevent from media limitations.

Expecting the rule of law in Afghanistan!

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