CSHRN statement in connection with the Need of Improving Political and Economical Relations between Afghanistan and the International Community


In the name of Almighty Allah

CSHRN statement in connection with the Need of Improving Political and Economical Relations between Afghanistan and the International Community

July 18, 2013


Our country is on the most critical evolution period of its political life. These tremendous evolutions have created an unbreakable link with the international incidents. International terrorists have changed our country into one of the most insecure regions in the world. Unfortunately, because of no required and active regional cooperation, this important political geography is still unable to reach stability and peace and bring stability to the country. The tensions resulted from such inconsistency induced conflicts and convulsions in Afghanistan and take the lives of our innocent countrymen more than ever.

In such a critical situation, the relations of the Afghan government with the international community can be interpreted challenging and complex. Despite signing many strategic pacts with the world’s states, a satisfactory result cannot be noticed that will pave the ground for peace and resolving the conflicts in the country. Delaying on signing the security agreement between the Afghan government and the United States of America has increased disbelieves about the consequences of the strategic pacts, while the time is passing rapidly, delaying such issues will cause disadvantages for both countries.

Recently, the approach of European, American and other international media, political institutions and other friends of Afghanistan towards our country’s future is changing. These new approaches can be followed by some unpleasant consequences towards the future of Afghanistan . The concept, that the Afghan leadership cannot understand the convergence and the international wills led by the United States of America in the region, has reached the public’s mind of the involved countries in the destiny of Afghanistan . In such circumstance, First, Afghanistan will face political crises and then economical and social crises will reach here soon.

The Civil Society and Human Rights Network of Afghanistan which is consisted of 112 civil institutions, believes that the leadership of Afghanistan has an urgent need for conducting constructive dialogue with the international community particularly the United States of America and the European Union. From the diplomatic responses of the Afghan government leaders it can be noticed that they don’t have any intention of initiating constructive dialogues and this issue has caused to weaken the friendly relations of Afghanistan with the West. According to the western media, coldness and weakness of the Afghan government’s relations with the west, has caused the discussion of zero option of the withdrawal of the complete international military forces from Afghanistan post 2014 and put the military support of the international forces from the Afghan military forces under question.

On the other hand, the international partners of Afghanistan have been accused by the Afghan leadership for misusing the issue of Afghanistan . Such inconsistency among the Afghan government and the international community will damage the modern Afghanistan and compensating that will be so heavy, even impossible.

The Civil Society & Human Rights Network of Afghanistan believes that our country is experiencing a big chance. This great opportunity indeed is the unprecedented support of the international community from our country. This support can be achieved when the Afghan government becomes an organic and active partner of the International community. At this critical stage, “anti-foreign” or “anti-west” should not be promoted as “national slogans” in our political culture. Afghanistan and the international community need each other and this need shall become the focus point of constructive dialogue between the two sides.

Based on the importance of this critical issue, CSHRN urges the leadership of the Afghan government and the representatives of the international community to as soon as possible organize a constructive and active dialogue for resolving the inconsistency and improving political and economical programs. The dialogue must be conducted based on the mutual understanding, respect for the mutual interest, wills of the nations and the international accepted laws.

The Civil Society of Afghanistan hopes that the Afghan government in support and cooperation of the international community provides a secure, stable and peaceful environment for the Afghan citizens.

The Civil Society & Human Rights Network of Afghanistan is thankful of the states that support Afghan people in such a critical situation on behalf of its citizens, and appreciates their efforts for a peaceful Afghanistan and hopes for the continuation of these supports in a more active way.

In hope of a stable and advanced Afghanistan!

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