CSHRN Statement Regarding the Presidential Election of 2014


In the name of Almighty Allah

CSHRN Statement Regarding the Presidential
Election of 2014

July 10th , 2013


The Civil Society and Human Rights Network of Afghanistan (CSHRN) is deeply concerned over the incomplete frameworks of the elections and lack of necessary preparations for holding democratic and legitimate elections, while considering the sensitive political situation of Afghanistan.

Maintaining political stability, continuation of international community’s support from Afghanistan, maintaining political stability and achievements of the last decades depends on the presidential elections of 2014. Holding the presidential election successfully will not only guaranty developments of Afghanistan, but it will also, indicates the capacity and will of our country in strengthening and ensuring democracy and civil life to the world. Therefore, a national, democratic and legitimate election is very vital and important.

CSHRN emphasizes that the legitimacy of the upcoming elections can be ensured only if held in according with law. Legislative decree or any other measures regarding elections will undermine its legitimacy.

Governments’ negligence and carelessness toward this critical and vital occurrence and on the other hand, spreading disbeliefs regarding elections by some circles in debates on options such as non-elections for political transition increases our concerns in this regard.

While The Civil Society & Human Rights Network of Afghanistan which is consisted of 112 active civil institutions across the country concerned over non-existence of legal frameworks for the elections, considers the slow process of preparations and no reaction of the government particularly, the silence of the President, Hamid Karzai, regarding some substitute ideas and plans for the elections very concerning and worrying issue, therefore, would like the involved parties to pay their attentions to the following points:

1.   Understanding that based on the first paragraph of article 64 th of the Afghan constitution, the president of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan is obliged to supervise the implementation of the constitution and article 61 of the constitution is clearly recommending holding the elections. CSHRN demands his Excellency the president to end up any kind of negative opinions and remarks regarding elections by a clear and decisive stance against the elections. We think that the president is faced with a very big exam of decision making against the upcoming elections, that has tied with the fate of the Afghan people and we hope him to successfully pass this important exam.

2.   As far as the national assembly and specifically the lower house as a legislative body has many responsibilities against their citizens and our beloved country, the civil society and human rights network of Afghanistan requests the national assembly to pass the election law and other relevant laws regarding elections along with considering the constitution as soon as possible before the arrival of summer holidays.

3.   The Civil Society and Human Rights Network of Afghanistan while calling up on all of the political parties and civil institutions of the country for unity, solidarity and coordination against the elections, which is the only legal & democratic option for political transition, insists on unity and coordination to increasing their effective role on the national assembly and the government for completing the legal frameworks of the elections.

4.   CSHRN is thankful to the Afghan security forces for their efforts and preparations for ensuring security during the election process, and would like all of the security forces of the country to increase their efforts for ensuring the security of the elections and do this series duty with responsibility, impartiality, honesty and great courage.

5.   CSHRN is committed to keep on its effective role in respect with the crucial election and also, ask the other civil institutions and structure who are in charge of playing the role of enlightenment and advocacy to continue and extend their constructive activities in this field.  

In hope of ensuring democracy and the rule of law in the country!

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