CSHRN viewpoint regarding Human Rights Situation in Afghanistan


In the name of Almighty Allah

CSHRN viewpoint regarding Human Rights Situation in Afghanistan
For Universal Periodic Review (UPR)
Of Human Rights status in Afghanistan to the United Nations

Islam is a holly religion. But Islamic extremists introduce human rights against the religion and misuse the beliefs of the people, for their own goals. Unfortunately, the lack of constructive dialogue between religious leaders and human rights activists, has led to such misunderstandings.


The Civil Society should acquire more & more supports from the international community, to play an important role in various social fields, as promoting and generalizing Human Rights in Afghanistan. Unfortunately, Afghan government does not consider the role of the Civil Society as significant as it should be, and it is believed that the Civil Society will remain as an informal and abstracted element. This role needs to be activated. The support of the international community and government’s respect toward the Civil Society can play an important role in activating the role of the Civil Society.

Afghanistan needs a government committed to Human Rights values, those, who are not observing the human rights values, should not be appointed in key positions of the government. Unfortunately, we should confess that the presence of the figures who are not respecting the Human rights values, in the leadership of the government will seriously affect the Human Rights in the country.

Establishing a constructive and useful dialogue between the government and the civil society can play an important role in popularizing and promoting the Human rights. The Civil Society can serve like a bridge between the citizens and the government and exchange their demands.

The Civil Society of Afghanistan, expect the international community to continue its wide support for the human rights values in Afghanistan.

The Civil Society of Afghanistan, hope the monitoring of the Human Rights situation to be continually done according to the international human rights rules and the constitution of Afghanistan and announce its results through media.

The Civil Society expects the government of Afghanistan to reflect this note as the information source in its report of human rights status, by the name of the civil society institutions.

The information included in this note, have been acquired by CSHRN, through its civil institutions from the capital and provinces.

Civil Society & Human Rights Network of Afghanistan, appreciates ministry of foreign affairs for its participation and dialogues with the civil institutions, and hopes to keep this significant relation.

CSHRN board
Executive secretariat of CSHRN

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