CSHRN’s statement on recent terrorist attacks in Jalalabad province


In the name of Almighty Allah

CSHRN’s statement on recent terrorist attacks
in Jalalabad province

Aug 04, 2013


We were informed grievingly that the city of Jalalabad has been shocked by terrorist attacks on Saturday and Monday, Aug 12 th and 13 th , 2013, and put the resident of Jalalabad province in mourning and grieve during the holy month of Ramadan and on the eve of the Eid.

The first attack that took place against the Indian Consulate killed 9 civilians and injured 21 others. Most of the victims of this unforgivable crime were children and teenagers. The attack took place while the children and teenagers were studying in a nearby mosque, and as result of this brutal attack, lost their sweet lives.

In the second attack, that took place in the East of Jalalabad a day later, 16 civilians including women and children were wounded.

This is not the first time that such terrorist and suicide attacks occur in Afghanistan; the mentioned explosions are just a few instances of crimes against humanity that have been happening in our country and hurting the conscience of humanity.

The Civil Society & Human Rights Network of Afghanistan (CSHRN) strongly condemns these unforgivable crimes and expresses its deepest abhorrence and resentments against the perpetrators of these brutal attacks.

CSHRN shares grieve and pain of the victims of this tragic incident, and pray for happy soul of the victims and expresses condolence to the remaining ones. We pray for recovery and healthiness of all of our injured compatriots.

We believe that, by terrorist attacks and crimes against humanity, by which they take the lives of citizens, terrorists cannot break the wills of Afghans for supporting political stability and democracy, protecting and appreciating civil life and efforts for economical development. We believe that our people by accepting all kind of sacrifices will appreciate the achievements of the last decade.

CSHRN urges the government, particularly the security forces to provide better security for the citizens and review their security plans and programs in order to find a better way of supporting the citizens, and take all the possible measures in this regard.

CSHRN believes that fight against terrorism is a common responsibility of all the citizens and demands the people to cooperate and support the Afghan security forces as a responsible citizen of the country and inform the police of any kind of suspected acts on time.

CSHRN asks the government, especially the judicial institutions of the country to put an end to the culture of impunity against the law and prosecute the perpetrators and partners of such crimes. Neglect and indifference against the terrorists and their partners is itself the cause increasing these types of crimes in the country.

The Civil Society and Human Rights Network of Afghanistan announces its solidarity and sympathy with the victims of this tragic incident, and wants all the citizens, civil institutions, political parties, private entrepreneurs and the Afghan government to pay their shares in sympathy and treatment of the victims.

In hope of peace and a world free of terror and violence!

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