CSHRO mission in Herat met with the Governor of Herat about reduction of family violence in Herat province

By Ramin Ahamadi

On 25th of January the Civil Society and Human Rights Organization mission to Herat together with CSHRO secretariat in the west region met with Dr. Dauod Saba the governor of Heart concerning reduction of domestic violence against women in Herat.

Participants of the meeting Mr. Malek Sitez, the Program Manager of CSHRO, Mr. Naim Nazari, the Executive Secretariat of CSHRO, Mr. Wazir Ahmad Khorami, the Liaison Officer of CSHRO, Mrs. Aziza Khairandish, the Coordinator of CSHRO in the West, Mrs. Khalida Khorasnd, Program Adviser of CSHRO in the West and Mr. Ramin Ahmadi, Admin Officer of CSHRO in the west region, expressed their gratitude to the governor of Heart for the meeting.

At the beginning of the meeting Mr. Malek Sitez, explained the overall programs of CSHRO. He informed the governor of Herat about CSHRO campaign of reduction of violence against women. On behalf of civil society organization and human rights activist Mr. Sitez expressed his support to the intelligent and value-based governor of Heart Mr. Daoud Sabah.

Mr. Daoud Sabah the governor of Heart expressed his kind attitude and generally support to CSHRO programs concerning their campaign to decrease violence against women.

Mrs. Aziza Khairandish, CSHRO, west coordinator submitted the analyze of CSHRO concerning reduction of violence against women. The analyze was made during the last year by a group of CSHRO researchers. According to the research a join coordinating committee will be formed by civil society and governmental bodies concerning family violence in Heart. The committee will work in a close collaboration with the governor of Herat. The committee consist of representatives of Governor, Afghanistan Independent Human Rights Commission, Civil Society and Human Rights Organizations, Department of Ministry of Women Affairs in Herat, Department of Police in Herat, Department of Justice Ministry in Herat, Department of General Prosecution Office in Herat, Department of Education Ministry in Herat, Provincial Council, Department of Information and Culture Ministry in Herat, Representative of Media, Representative of Courts in Herat, Representative of the Ministry of Haj-e- Awqaf.

CSHRO office in the west will coordinate the activities of joint coordinating body.

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