CSHRN’s Statement regarding the Bilateral Security Agreement (BSA) Between Afghanistan and the United States of America


In the name of Almighty Allah

CSHRN’s Statement regarding the Bilateral Security Agreement (BSA)
Between Afghanistan and the United States of America

December 01, 2013


The Afghan people who have learned from their painful and troublesome past and by considering the requirements and security necessities have realized the importance of the international cooperation. As per the find outs of the Civil Society which is in contact with various people of the society, most of the Afghan people are in favor of signing the security agreement between Afghanistan and the United States of America. The Messages and the outcome of the traditional loya Jirga on the strategic agreement between Afghanistan and the United States of America, and the consultative Loya Jirga on bilateral security agreement between the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan and the United States of America are the instances of the Afghans who would like the BSA to be signed.

The messages and request made during the consultative Jirga clearly indicates that the Afghan people demand strategic cooperation with the international community especially with the United States of America for securing the Human Rights, maintaining stability and economical developments.

The Civil Society & Human Rights Network of Afghanistan (CSHRN) requests the government of Afghanistan to comply with this clear desire of the people of Afghanistan; that is based on the national interest. We believe that any kind of disagreement with the approval of BSA will not be beneficial for stability, security and economical development of Afghanistan. Delaying the BSA is not only against the democratic principles, but it also provides the ground for those who are looking for their own benefits in the failures of Afghanistan.

CSHRN while appreciating and praising the efforts of the Afghan representatives in the Jirga, expresses its deepest concerns over the harsh remarks of President Karzai for delaying the approval of BSA, and proclaim the following points in this regard.

1. The Civil Society & Human Rights Network of Afghanistan which is consisted of 129 member organizations confirming the statement made by the Consultative Loya Jirga in which president Karzai was asked to sign the bilateral Security Agreement by the end of 2013, request his Excellency president Karzai to put away his strict and tension full diplomacy that may have some negative impact on bilateral ties and trust between Afghanistan and the United States of America and respect the view and demands of the Afghan people.

2. As for as terrorism, extremism, poverty, unemployment and the interference of the neighboring countries are the main challenges toward the security, stability and a peaceful future of Afghanistan, having strategic relationships and security agreement with countries like the United States of America will bring security and stability to our country and is necessary for the continuation of international cooperation, support and the importance of Afghanistan in the region. CSHRN would like president Karzai to keep on the positive measures for signing this agreement.

3.  The national assembly that represents the people of Afghanistan in political decisions and policies should play its constructive role in this important and crucial issue. CSHRN request the national assembly of Afghanistan to include the approval of BSA in their working agenda and ask the president to hand over the BSA to the national assembly for confirmation as soon as possible.

4.  The members of the consultative Loya Jirga releasing a statement asked the international community particularly the United States of America that signing the BSA should bring about peace and security in all over Afghanistan. We think this a clear message of the people of Afghanistan to the international community that they are tired of war, conflicts and violence and want peace and stability; therefore, the main reason of strategic cooperation with the United States is ensuring peace, stability and economical developments of Afghanistan. Hence, CSHRN suggests both the Afghan government and the United States to take some practical and trustable measures in the field of ensuring peace and security in Afghanistan.

In hope of ensuring peace & stability in Afghanistan!

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