Declaration of Civil Society & Human rights Network (CSHRN) of Afghanistan on serial capital punishment of Afghan refugees in Iran


In the name of Almighty Allah

Declaration of Civil Society & Human rights Network (CSHRN)
of Afghanistan on serial capital punishment
of Afghan refugees in Iran

Kabul , Oct 12, 2012

The news of the decision of Islamic republic of Iran in respect of capital punishment of over 2000 Afghan citizens has shocked the civil society of Afghanistan.

According to the civil society of Afghanistan, this decision of the Islamic republic of Iran, was assumed as a massacre and is considered against the entire accepted norms of the human rights and the international relations.

Iran, as the most adjacent country to Afghanistan in term of Culture, history and common past, can play an important role in the improvement of the political relations of Afghanistan in the region, but such approaches over the past few years, is the indicator of the highest possible vulnerability of the social relations of the two countries. It should be mentioned that the reactions of Iran’s government against the Afghan refugees, is abhorrent to the accepted norms of neighborhood in the principles of the international relationships.

As the member of the international convention of refugee’s rights concluded of 1951 of Geneva, the government of Iran is responsible for solving and handling the disputation of the refugees from some diplomatic ways with the neighboring countries. On the other hand, the group execution of afghan citizens is against the accepted convention of the human rights and the adopted principles of international rights.

The civil society & human rights organization of Afghanistan, representing the civil society of the country, is seriously suggesting the bellow points.

  • We ask the Islamic republic of Iran to immediately stop the continuance of the capital punishment and provide an international negotiation in respect of Afghan refugees’ problem who has been sentenced to capital punishment.
  • We want the UN Human Rights Council and the United Nations High Commissioner for refugee’s affairs, to study and get information in this regard and task a special envoy for resolving this great social and human rights problem.
  • We seriously request Islamic republic of Afghanistan in coordination with the United Nations structures, to take immediate action in this regard and intercept this genocide.
  • We sincerely request the media’s of the country to pursue and review the unpleasant consequences of these collisions and approaches of the Islamic republic of Iran and spread it out to the public’s of both countries.
  • The civil society and human rights network of Afghanistan, on the continuance of its previous statements in this regard request all the civil societies of the country to keep on their extensive lawsuit in respect of provision human rights of the Afghan citizens’ refugees in the neighboring countries and monitor this process.

Expecting peace and respect for the rights of refugees in the world!

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