Civil Society and Human Rights Network(CSHRN)

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Funding procedure

The senior management of CSHRN is specifically responsible for:

  • Coordinating the fundraising activities;
  • Support and back-up to the fundraising efforts;
  • Donor research;
  • Donor contact and communications;
  • Ensuring project reports are submitted to donors timeline;
  • Actively using any opportunity to secure funding for all active projects; and 
  • Assisting departments to prepare proposals (This includes providing guidelines to writing the proposal, assistance in calculating the budget, ensuring that the format suits the potential donor and editing).

Sources of Funds

Sources for funding can be found within country as well as abroad. Funding from local organizations has a number of advantages. The procedures are often easier to follow. And international donors want to know that local sources have been tried first. When applying for funds from abroad, the national registration of NGO and formal approval of project by government is often necessary.

Meeting donor requirements

One of the most important requirements of donors is adequate, regular reporting. Compiling a comprehensive record of donors reporting requirements is the responsibility of the Program and finance department. This record should reflect where the responsibility for reporting lies and the dates when reports are due.

Donor privacy

CSHRN respects the privacy of donors. CSHRN shall not sell or otherwise make available the names and contact information of its donors, except where disclosure is required by law.
CSHRN shall not send mailings on behalf of other organizations.
CSHR shall provide a clear, prominent and easily accessible privacy policy that what information, if any, is being collected about them and how this information will be used and what internal control procedures CSHRN has in place to protect personal information.