Awakening shock

Afghanistan is a country of blood and tragedy. Different stages of its history, witnesses terrible crimes against humanity. During the last three decades, starting from the military coup of April 27, 1978, known as Sawour revolution up to the Taliban era or even so far, the country have been suffering many crimes against humanity, massacres and different kinds of destructions, through which thousands of people have lost their lives and many others, who are still under burdens of cruelty and organized crimes have been forgotten.

Revealing the list of almost 5000 victims of organized murders that took place in 1978 and 1979, during Nurmahmad Taraki and Hafizullah Amin’s era is an example of such crimes against humanity in the country. The list contains the names of those, who have been murdered through various allegations by AGSA, the secret police investigation department of that time.

In terms of their location, the victims cover many areas of Afghanistan. Hence, releasing such a list after about 35 years put all people of the country in mourning and tragedy. There was no news about them for ages, at least now we realized that cruelty and crimes had taken their lives at the very beginning days and months when they were vanished or arrested, but many of the families of the victims were still unable to accept their deaths and were yet willing to see their love ones alive again; but these hopes were not that much high to encourage them talk about this long-term tragedy and get happy by hopping that they will return one day. The long years of crimes and inhumanity had taken away the opportunities from the hoping families of the victims to rely on their unsupported hopes. Hence, most families had kept hidden the memories and names of their love once in the margin of their hearts along with the trembling hope. However, by the passage of this long time tragedy, the families had accepted that they won’t see their love once alive again, but dared not to proclaim their death.

However, it seems that releasing the names of the victims, after long years, is not a breaking news for their families and for the Afghan people. Almost everyone knew that they would not return, and no one will see them. But one has never prepared to accept a disaster, unless, see it by eyes and hear by ears and touch it with skin, Hence, the publication of this list was something that no one dared to say it and everyone was just waiting to hear it from someone else that ” no hope anymore, expectation is over ” and all the others say, “Yes, we knew that.

However, revealing the long list of victims is another evident of numerous crimes against humanity in the country. Publication of this list, more than ever is the need of advocacy of numerous crimes that have occurred on this land, and it emphasized on condemning the continuous and repeated crimes and cruelty being passed on the society.

The publication of the death list generalized the pain and tragedy of the survivors and made it public. On the other hand, this long list has shocked most of the people in the country and by provoking their human conscience made them interrelated to each others in order to jointly condemn the crimes. In fact, this is an undeniable evident of the huge crimes in the country.

As we know the first and major step for advocacy, is to prove and condemn the crimes in the society and record it in the history. Doing so will provide mental peace and stability to the people.

In addition, the disclosure and publication of the list was a serious shock the Afghan people in ensuring justice and mental and moral welfare for people of this country, but justice requires more and joint efforts. If this efforts do not take place, the awakening shock will be forgotten once again.


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