Human rights monitoring, as a new working area for CSHRO

Why CSHRO has decided to work in the field of monitoring of human rights in Afghanistan?

According to CSHRO researches the civil society and human rights movement has three main responsibilities: The first one is to promote human rights and democratic values in the society. The second responsibility of civil society and human rights organization is to influence to the policies of legislations in order to bring the message of human rights to the political structures of Afghanistan . The third responsibility of human rights organization is to monitor the implementation of human rights values.

According to the international practices without monitoring and evaluation of human rights situation it is almost impossible to know about the reality of human rights situation in the country. Such experiences are mainly having been seen in the post war situation.

The civil society and human rights member organization during the latest General Assembly has jointly decided to work actively in the fields of monitoring during the phase four of CSHRO. For this purpose CSHRO has designed a working plan for monitoring the human rights situation in Afghanistan . The working plan consists of three main elements, firstly to build the capacity of CSHRO on monitoring of human rights situation. During this period CSHRO Executive Secretariat will organize capacity building programs for the member organization and local offices of CSHRO in the deferent part of the country. The second period is to organize guidelines and formats for collecting the information, cases and local studies. The third part of the program is the implementation of the format which consists of interviews, visits to human rights violation areas and articulation of the analyses.

For monitoring of human rights situation CSHRO Executive Secretariat has trained and appointed its Focal Points “representative of CSHRO in the provinces of Afghanistan ”. The Focal Points will coordinate the activities of CSHRO in the field of monitoring in the provinces of Afghanistan with the Executive Secretariat in Kabul.

Based on the facts and information of the regions CSHRO will provide annual report on human rights situation in Afghanistan.

The report will cover the issue of civil and political rights and economic, social and cultural rights base on national legislation and Afghanistan commitment to the international community. The annual report will also provide recommendation in the field of human rights promotion in Afghanistan.

CSHRO will also organize an Advisory Human Rights Board in Kabul city. Representative of main human rights actors will compose the advisory human rights board in Kabul city. The advisory board will share their experiences in the field of human rights situation with civil society of Afghanistan through CSHRO Executive Secretariat. The advisory board together with the executive secretariat of CSHRO make action plan to support CSHRO in monitoring of human rights situation. The CSHRO executive secretariat provides facts and information of human rights situation to the member of the board. Members of the board release analytical studies on the human rights situation for improvement of CSHRO activities in the field of monitoring. The advisory board also releases annual reports and studies on the human rights situation in Afghanistan . Base on these analyses the advisory board makes recommendations to the Afghan government on the situation of human rights in Afghanistan.

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