Message on the upcoming Kabul Conference


In the name of Almighty Allah

Message on the upcoming Kabul Conference

Kabul, Afghanistan, March 2010

The Civil Society and Human Rights Network (CSHRN) as umbrella structure would like to convey the message of its member organisations committed to human rights, democracy and the rule of law in Afghanistan with regard to the upcoming Kabul conference.

CSHRN is devoted to the establishment of security and the building of peace in Afghanistan and raises the following points as the crucial ones to be discussed during the Kabul conference.

•  To strengthen a productive dialogue between the United Nations peace making strategy and the strategies of other international actors regarding Afghanistan.

•  To establish a constructive dialogue and a sustainable coordination between civil society and the state, in particular with the national security council as the responsible body for the national and international security in Afghanistan, on the establishment of security and conflict prevention.

•  Justice is the main precondition for peace building. Therefore, no conditional justice should be offered in the name of reconciliation as it was lately done with the validation of the so called amnesty bill.

•  To strengthen accountable mechanisms for the establishment of peace, where actors, stakes, objectives and so on are dealt with in a transparent manner.

•  CSHRN asks that a professional research on the main reasons of the conflict and the best ways on how to resolve the conflict will be conducted.

•  To organise a national dialogue about peace building in Afghanistan, creating thereby national legitimacy and national support for such a process.

•  To strengthen the of rule of law as mechanism for reaching peace, security and stability.

•  To implement human rights and international humanitarian law according to the international commitments.

•  To concentrate on the realisation of economic, social and cultural rights as tool for fighting extremism in Afghanistan.

•  To concentrate on the active role of women in policy making programmes, specially in Peace building programme.

•  To fully support democracy, especially social democracy which strengthens social institutions, as the best mechanism for peace building in Afghanistan.

CSHRN on behalf of its member organisations hopes that the elements raised above will play a major role in the upcoming conference in Kabul. CSHRN is committed to collaborate with the Afghan state and international partners in order to develop and implement these ideas.

CSHRN would like to support peace building programs in Afghanistan which are based on human rights, democracy, the rule of law, and human rights values of civil society.

Civil Society and Human Rights Network

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