civil society & human rights network

Working Groups

Working groups that are elected by the civil society and human rights network members, have an obligation to work in different areas of the network, prepare and disseminate manuals, guides, analyzes and consultations in close cooperation with member institutions, domestic and foreign intellectuals and professionals.

resource-center4Resource Centre of Civil Society Network and Human Rights, on coordination and facilitation of working groups set up meetings, creating areas of understanding and consultation with member institutions and experts in the field of work, editing and layout,  logistical and administrative facilities, providing areas of study and research for members of working groups, provision of books and works that are used by members of the working groups, cooperate and prepare the ground for relations with national research institutions and internationals.

Resource Center of Civil Society Network and Human Rights, apart from their above activities include the coordination of working groups to network, create manuals in the areas of civil society and human rights network has responsibility. Center network resources, has the responsibility of providing facilities and the creation of coordination among working groups of Network, which is based on strategy of civil society network and human rights for Afghanistan.

Resource Centre of Civil Society Network and Human Rights, now, for needed facilities and productive cooperation among the member institutions of the network, creates a working group called “civil society from the perspective of human rights”, provides current trends about the role of government and citizens from a historical perspective in the country. For more information, please contact the Network’s Resource Centre.

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