The young generation of Afghanistan, as a large part of the country’s population, are concerned about the outcome of the peace talks. Some young activists believe that nothing should hinder their growth and progress.

In an interview with the CSHRN, Mr. Tajdar said that Afghanistan’s young generation has had significant achievements in recent years and they should be preserved after the peace talks.

CSHRN: What will be the outcomes of the Taliban’s participation in power on the activities of youth, especially young girls?

Tajdar: Obviously, the traditional view of the Taliban will create challenges for young people, especially young girls. But I think, as a large part of the country’s population, young women can defend their rights and play an active role in political, social and cultural spheres.

CSHRN: What issues should be discussed in the peace negotiations with regards to the young generation?

Tajdar: First of all, employment opportunities should be facilitated for them. Additionally, the rights that have been given to them in recent years should be preserved. The presence of young representatives in peace talks is a good opportunity for them to defend their rights.

Mr Tajdar adds that young people can support peace efforts by changing the view of people with radical extreme ideas through healthy conversations.

CSHRN: do you think negotiations with the Taliban as a group with not good records in history, especially the suffering they inflicted upon women, will have good results? how will a peace agreement affect women?

Tajdar: If the Taliban agree to live in coexistence with other people, the prospect for peaceful Afghanistan will be promising but with their old beliefs and strategy, citizens will not witness a better future, especially women.

CSHRN: Do you think the Taliban’s view of women has changed?

Tajdar: I think their view may have changed compared to the past. Now, they realize that society has undergone significant changes that cannot be reversed. I think this change in their view can help the establishment of peace in Afghanistan.

CSHRN: Do you think that accepting restrictions on women’s rights is acceptable to reach a peace agreement?

Tajdar: Restrictions are not acceptable at all; because Afghan women have not yet achieved their rights properly and have always been marginalized. How can more challenges and barriers be accepted when the current situation of women is unsatisfactory?!

According to Mr Tajdar, the representatives of people in peace negotiations must unite and put national interests before ethnic and group interests.

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