The CSHRN accounts the brutal suicide attack on the Sikh religious minority in Afghanistan unacceptable and is highly concerned about the rise of such heinous attack targeting the religious minorities in the country. Such acts are not only against the principles of Human Rights and the International Humanitarian law, but also it is in direct contradiction with the overt provisions of holy Islam. The suicide attack took place on Sikh ethnic minority in Kabul on March 25, which culminated in 30 deaths and injuries including men, women, and children once again proved that terrorists do not recognize any norms and values. In the meantime, this attack manifested the vulnerability of the religious minorities in the country and impress the need that:
  • The Afghan government must immediately investigate the incident and bring the perpetrators to justice;
  • The security sector must take preventive measures to stop such attacks in the future;
  • The respective institutions must promptly provide all the humanitarian aid necessary to the victims of this abhorrent attack.

Civil Society and Human Rights Network and

Human Rights and Eradication of Violence Organization Kabul, Afghanistan March 26, 2020