Public Awareness

Empower the population to claim its rights in accordance with international standards and the Afghan Constitution, by enhancing the level of popular awareness through dissemination of information on human rights norms.


The aim is to inform citizens in order to enable their access to par­tici­pate in the gover­nance of the country in safety and dignity.

CSHRN will contribute to our people’s ability to enjoy access to the funda­men­tal freedoms, and to strive for the improvement and realization of social and economic rights, and to increase the understanding and the respect for human rights and the rule of law. Democracy, rule of law, access to justice, and the principles of good governance require an environment of a vibrant rights-based civil society and on citizens’ access to par­tici­pate in the governance.
CSHRN’s public awareness program is based on the coordination and mobilization of member organizations and we engage in dissemination of facts, construc­tive dialogues to different target groups through radio, magazines and other publications. In remote areas, we conduct seminars and workshops to dialogue on Human rights and Islamic values with po­pu­lation and traditional leaders.

Quick Report of Public Awareness