Report of CSHRO in Bamyan province to the 6th General Assembly of CSHRO

Civil Society and Human Rights Organization in Bamyan
Report of CSHRO in Bamyan province to the 6th General Assembly of CSHRO

January 2011

By Ismail Zaki CSHRO Central high land coordinator

Dear colleagues,

CSHRO office in Bamyan was officially opened on 15 th September 2009. Since 2009 CSHRO organized its programs according to strategy of CSHRO. I would like to inform you a summary of our activities in Bamyan.

In the field of coordination:

Report01-31-7CSHRO office in Bamyan has created constructive and working communication with 27 civil society organizations in Bamyan and Daikondi provinces.

  • Fives human rights civil society organizations became member of CSHRO.
  • There are 17 other NGOs who applied for the membership of CSHRO.
  • We have organized quarterly meeting with our national and international partners.
  • We have organized two times our general assembly where the member organizations discussed the activities of CSHRO in Bamyan.

In the field of capacity building:

•  During the last year CSHRO office in Bamyan organized 12 workshops according to CSHRO educational manuals. We have trained 292 men and women of Bamyan citizens.

•  We have organized 7 round tables and debates on human rights values. We discussed human rights values with 149 citizens.

•  We organized 11 debates on cultural rights with young students in Bamyan University. The participants of these programs were 125 students.

•  We have organized 5 workshops according to manual on conflict transformation and resolution.

•  During the last year 213 persons mainly students used our library and resource center.

•  We have organized workshops with close communication of UNAMA office in Daikondi province of Afghanistan.

In the filed of advocacy:

•  CSHRO office in Bamyan mediate the requirements of demonstrators about lack of electricity in Bamyan province

•  We stopped two forced marriages cases in Painjob district, two 13 years old girls were forced to marry with 2 old men.

•  We saved a young girl forced marriage with an old man in Saighan district of Bamyan province.

•  We are a member of a committee to protect the rights of invalid in Bamyan province.

•  CSHRO office is a member of a committee to protect the rights of women.

•  We organized a seminar to protect the right of women together with Afghan Human Rights Commission, Ministry of Women Affairs on the 8 of March 2010.

•  We have created a constructive relationship with the Bamyan governor and other state institutions.

•  We actively participated in the media programs on human rights and civil society values; we participated in 11 radio round tables and 5 international media.

•  We actively participated in election program as civil society monitors. We monitor 23 pool stations.

•  We are member of a commission on environment commission in Bamyan.

•  We are member of Bamyan municipality team.

•  We are member of committee on strategic planning of the local government.

•  We actively participate to the local government programs.

Dear colleagues:

CSHRO officer permanently communicate with Bamyan people. We are in a good connection with Bamyan intellectuals as well ordinary people. We received a lot of feedback for Bamyan people how to conduct our programs. We integrate their response into our programs.

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