Statement of Civil Society & Human Rights Network of Afghanistan (CSHRN)


In the name of Almighty Allah

Statement of Civil Society & Human Rights Network of Afghanistan (CSHRN)

March 11, 2013


Afghanistan is experiencing a critical situation. The periodic withdrawals of the international forces from 2014, the conducting of the presidential election, capacity building of political & economic self-sufficiency are the most significant components of the current situation. The role of the international community, particularly the close partners of Afghanistan , is very important in this regard. The international community has uniquely supported the people and the government of Afghanistan during the past twelve years. The civil society of Afghanistan appreciates the international community’s role for supporting the Afghan people and State. The civil society of Afghanistan were very much aware of the importance of supporting the Afghan people in such a significant stage in relation to the economic crises, which sweeps the world.

Recently, it is very noticeable that the constructive convergence between the Afghan government and the international community has been faced with difficulties. Political leaders provide their speeches in a non-friendly manner to the address of the international community led by the United States of America , which led to the same reaction by the international community toward Afghanistan . The sequential wars have made this country a dependent state to the international community. To get free of such dependencies, the people & the Afghan government need the support of the international community and for getting their support, the Afghan government should initiates its programs in convergence and coordination of the international community.

The civil society of Afghanistan urges the government to keep and maintain its convergence & coordinate through planning some constructive programs and strategies along with keeping its national interest, national sovereignty and territorial integrity. On the behalf of the Afghan people, the Civil Society of Afghanistan is very grateful to the role of the international community in Afghanistan , and asks its strategic and international partners to keep on their assistance in reconstruction of Afghanistan with great coordination and convergence.

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