Statement of the Civil Society and Human Rights Network on the Parliamentary Elections


In the name of Almighty Allah

Statement of the Civil Society and Human Rights Network on the Parliamentary Elections

Kabul – Afghanistan, 15 September 2010

Afghan people going to the polls for the parliamentary elections, experience once again an important historical test. Elections are considered in the country to be the most important component of democracy. In any political system, the people determine the legitimacy of the system through parliamentary elections. So the upcoming elections in Afghanistan plays an important role in the political , social, economic and cultural fields of our country.

The Civil Society and Human Rights Network (CSHRN) appreciates that parliamentary elections are conducted. It requests however from the Afghan people to actively and sincerely participate in this process.

In order to facilitate a better coordination among state institutions and non-governmental organizations during the parliamentary elections, the Civil Society and Human Rights Network suggest the following points:

•  CSHRN requests from national and international security organizations in Afghanistan to do their best in order to provide security to citizens during the elections, because people participating in elections bring legitimacy to a democratic system.

•  CSHRN requests from all civil society organizations in the country to actively contribute to the success of the elections day and to support the people during this historic day so that they are able to participate and to understand the importance of elections.

•  CSHRN urges all parties involved in the country to respect this historic day and to respect the will of the people and therefore not to cause any conflicts that may lead to violence.

•  CSHRN invites all Afghan media in the country to play an active role for a democratic culture and to avoid any ethnic, linguistic and tribal issue.

•  CSHRN requests from political parties, private sector, government institutions, intellectuals, scholars and political, social, economic and cultural analysts to contribute to building our community through a broad public participation according to their specific role.

•  CSHRN asks from the election commission and the electoral complaints commission to insist on the principle of transparency during the elections in order to guaranty fair and free parliamentary elections and to provide exact and timely information regarding the elections to the people.

•  CSHRN welcomes the international community which supports and monitors the elections.

CSHRN expects that this will be successful elections for the people of Afghanistan and hopes for peace and sustainable security for the Afghan people.

Civil Society and Human Rights Network

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