Statement of the Civil Society and Human Rights Organization (CSHRO) To the Bonn Conference


In the name of Almighty Allah

Statement of the Civil Society and Human Rights Organization (CSHRO)
To the Bonn Conference

Kabul/13 November 2011

Ten years have passed after the Taliban collapse in Afghanistan . During this period CSHRN have experienced many changes in the fields of political, social, economic and cultural development. A new government was established, the Afghan Constitution was adopted, the elections of the President and Parliament were conducted, the new civil society institutions organised, the private sector activated, the role of women to some degree activated, political parties organised and Afghan free media developed.

At the same time the Afghan people experienced a lot of challenges and difficulties. Anti government elements, with the support of international terrorists, conducted a lot of inhumane actions where many innocent people lost their live. During this period more than ten thousand of Afghans were killed as a result of foreign troops and anti governmental operations. More then 2000 people from foreign troops were killed during the operation in Afghanistan. However the bloodshed in Afghanistan is still going on and peace and security are not yet reinforced.

The role of international community is very important in Afghanistan. From them Afghan organisations receive international aid and help to capacity building. The role of international military power is also very essential in the country. Because of the military support the Afghan people feel confident and supported.

According to NATO action plan 2014 the international military reserves will depart from Afghanistan. 2014 is considered to be an important year to the Afghan people. The civil society of Afghanistan raises a very important question do the Afghan state has the capacity to preserve and support the current policy and strategies where the rule of law, human rights values and democratic institutions and principles are respected, and protected. The upcoming International Bonn Conference on Afghanistan will be very important for the future of Afghanistan and we hope that the Bonn conference will give an answer to the question.

The Civil Society and Human Rights Network would like to bring to your attention the following issues in the hope that they will be addressed in the Bonn conference and its prospective declaration and outcomes:

1. Strengthening of regional cooperation:

Afghanistan has an important political geography. Such significance can play an important role in regional cooperation for peace and security. A capable and active diplomacy can harmonise such a regional collaboration.

The Civil Society and Human Rights Network would like to call on all participants of the Bonn conference to support regional cooperation and create a useful mechanism for the Afghanistan and Pakistan peace building process. The role of international community in this process is indispensable.

2. In the field of good governance

During the past ten years the Civil Society and Human Rights Network has closely followed the mechanisms of governance in Afghanistan . The government of Afghanistan has a lot of problems in this regard. Lack of productive coordination between the capital and the regions, lack of professionalism in implementation of national and international action plans and strategies, lack of transparency and accountability and a growing entrenched corruption are the main problems of the governance in Afghanistan.

The CSHRN sees that sustainability of Afghan government can be achieved with capable and well organised government. We ask our international friends to support Afghans in reaching proficient government.

3. Strengthening of the legitimacy of the system

The constant conflicts have badly damaged the confidence and trust between the government and the Afghan people. The people of Afghanistan have high hopes and expectations in and from the government. However the government cannot ensure peace and security in Afghanistan . This situation has widened the gap between Afghan citizens and the Afghan government. We see that the Afghanis deserve a legitimate government. The legitimacy of the international community in Afghanistan is dependent on the legitimacy of the Afghan Government. CSHRN call on our international partners to work with the Afghan government on trust and confidence building measures between the Afghan people and Afghan government and international community.

4. Empowerment of democracy

Both, the conflicts in Afghanistan and Islamic fundamentalists discredit democracy in Afghanistan . The civil society in Afghanistan believes that democracy is the only mechanism of the current situation. Without democracy we cannot build a society based on the basis of voice and choice for the people The Afghans have experienced different kinds of dictatorships and totalitarian regimes. We see that a democratic society in Afghanistan will be the foundation for further development in the country. Four elections in Afghanistan showed that the people support the democracy and understand the importance of the people’s vote to the current situation. The CSHRN call on the international community to support the democratic changes in Afghanistan and support democratic institutions in our country.

5. Strengthening of human rights

During the past 10 years human rights have become an important element in both the national and international agendas. But unfortunately the level of violations of human rights in Afghanistan is very high. We are still missing mechanisms and structures of the implementation and monitoring of fundamental principles of human rights in the government framework. The state of Afghanistan has ratified many international human rights conventions; however the implementation of these conventions has not happened. Also, the harmonisation and application of the human rights conventions into the national legislations have not been integrated in the national policy.

The CSHRN would like to call on the international community to support the process and programs concerning the promotion and protection of human rights in Afghanistan with special focus on human rights issues after 2014.

6. Empowerment of civil society

The civil society is a bridge between citizens and the Afghan state. The civil society organises dialogues with state institutions on different issues. The civil society is a monitoring actor of the human rights situation in Afghanistan . The civil society plays an important role in democratisation of Afghanistan.

The Afghan civil society received support from the international community after the Taliban collapse. This support should be continued by our international partners. The Afghan civil society desperately needs international support. CSHRN call on our international partners, without your support the Afghan civil society will not function properly. CSHRN need your support for our capacity building to become a sustainable and capable partner in Afghanistan.

7. Strengthening of peace-building structures

Peace and security are the most important needs and rights amongst Afghan population. There should be a constructive cooperation between Afghan state and the international community. The Afghan civil society would like to support any attempts toward peace and security. At the same time we would like to emphasize that peace-building should not be at the expense of justice in Afghanistan . With respect to human rights and women’s rights, justice and security should constitute the precondition for peace-building programs in Afghanistan . The Afghan women, based on UN Resolution 1325, should have the opportunity to contribute to peace and security building in the country. We would like to ask the participants of the Bonn conference to support Afghanistan ‘s peace and security building programs based on respect for human rights and the role of women.

8. Transition of responsibilities to Afghans

We need to support an independent, well-functioning state in Afghanistan . Economic and political sustainability is the one most important goal for the new Afghanistan . Afghanistan should have the ability to self defence. The military, police and intelligent services should be built in a professional way. The transitional strategies should be implemented carefully and professionally. The civil society of Afghanistan is concerned about the future of Afghanistan . The lessons of the 90s should be learned by Afghans and their international partners. The civil society of Afghanistan raises its deep concern for the Afghan people. We know that if the international community leave us without a long term strategy, Afghanistan will again become a safe haven for global terror.

The civil society of Afghanistan would hereby like to express their gratitude to all participants of the Bonn International Conference on Afghanistan , who have united here from different parts of the globe to support the Afghan people in this important period of time.

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