Civil Society and Human Rights Network(CSHRN)

The Executive Secretariat

The Executive secretariat in Kabul is in charge of implementing the programs decided by the General Assembly. It consists of Information and Education Section, Publication Section, and Finance and Administration Section. In addition, it provides a resource hub with human rights material, computer with internet access, and facilities for carrying out human rights debates.

Sayed Hussain Anosh

Executive Director

Sayed Hussain Anosh has worked for the promotion and protection of human rights in Afghanistan since 2012. Both his educational background in law, politics, and human rights and professional experience provided him

 with the opportunity to gain skills, expertise, and qualification to run the Civil Society and Human Rights Network (CSHRN) in a war-torn country such as Afghanistan. He currently works as the Executive Director at the Civil Society and Human Rights Network, which is an umbrella organization comprised of 138 members. Among his previous functions, he was Human Rights Coordinator with the Peace and Development Thought Organization (PDTO). In 2014, he joined CSHRN which he started working as the Local Advisor, then he shifted to Monitoring and Evaluation Officer. After, he worked as the Program Manager for three years in the organization. Since March 2019, he is the Executive Director of the CSHRN. Additionally, he taught Public International Law and International Organizations at Isteqlal Private University for a year as a part-time job. He has finished Law and Political Science at Kabul University. He completed his Masters from OSCE Academy in Bishkek in Security and Politics. He wrote his Master thesis on the Challenges of Human Rights Implementation in Traditional Islamic Societies: the Case of Afghanistan.

Hassan Ali Faiz

Research Director

With MA in Islamic Studies, Mr. Hassan Ali Faiz has extensive experience and numerous accomplishments in Afghanistan in the area of human rights, gender equality, and conflict resolution.

He has been active in the field of human rights for 16 years. He focuses on reporting and research on human rights issues and women’s rights. He has written a number of reports at the international level, including different UN Human Rights Monitoring Mechanisms.

He currently works as Research Director at the Civil Society and Human Rights Network, which is an umbrella organization comprised of 160 members.

From 2010 to 2013, he has worked as the head of the Human Rights Support Unit in the Ministry of Justice; supported by the United Nations Development Program (UNDP).

Among his previous functions, he was the director of the Daikundi Office of the Afghanistan Independent Human Rights Commission (AIHRC) from 2008 to 2010; from 2004 to 2007 he has worked as a Child Rights Protection and Promotion officer with AIHRC and from 2003 to 2004 as Administrator with AIHRC. He has also worked as Deputy Director of Shuhada Organization from 2007 to 2008.

Abdul Rahman Yasa

Research and Policy Officer

With MA in Security and Politics from the OSCE Academy, and a BA in Political Science (IR) from Kateb University, Abdul Rahman Yasa is a Policy and Research Officer with Civil Society and Human Rights Network in Kabul, Afghanistan. As a young expert, Mr. Yasa has served with different national

and international organizations in Afghanistan over the past several years. He has worked as Development Trainer with Creative Associates International, Inc. His work as a researcher in Afghanistan Cultural House and as Civilian Consultant in the Ministry of Interior and Independent Directorate of Local Governance of Afghanistan between 2012 and 2018 has provided him the opportunity to look at governance practices and challenges of a broad range of institutional issues, including corruption, sub-national governance policy, citizen-centered government, and security sector reform. Yasa has also produced several academic journal articles and research papers published by the Journal of Strategic Security, South Asia Collective, and FORUM-ASIA. He has also worked as a Consultant with International Foundation for Electoral Systems (IFES) and produced a training toolkit on hate speech in Afghanistan.
His focus is Human Rights, international interventions, state-building, peacebuilding, security sector reform, good governance, and anti-corruption.

Hazrat Khan Hoshmand

Admin and Finance Manager​

Holding MA in Communication from the University of Mysore, India, and a BA in Management from Kabul University, Hazrat Khan Hoshmand currently works as a Finance and Administrative Manager

with Civil Society and Human Rights Network.
Mr. Hoshmand has previously worked as Administrative and Financial Vice-Chancellor at the Isteqlal University in Kabul. His experience in finance and administration brought him tremendous skills in ensuring accurate financial, contractual, and administrative reporting of projects through professionally financial analysis and budget. His main area of expertise is finance, management, and administration.

Hosnia Mohaqqeq

Project Manager

Hosnia Mohaqqeq holds an MA in Psychology from Aligarh Muslim University of India and a BA in a similar field from Kabul University. She currently works as a Project Manager with Civil Society and Human Rights Network (CSHRN). Mss. Hosnia has several years of experience

working as an active young journalist, and editor with different media outlets in Afghanistan. She has recently engaged in women’s role in peacebuilding advocating to promote women’s meaningful participation in the current intra-Afghan peace talks. Hosnia is a strong and committed human rights defender in Afghanistan.


Communication Officer

Holding MA in Security and Politics from the OSCE Academy in Bishkek, and a BA in International Relations from the University of Afghanistan, Massoud Adrakhsh currently works as a Communication Officer with Civil Society and Human Rights 

Network (CSHRN). Massoud has also worked as a Consultant with International Foundation for Electoral Systems (IFES) contributed to developing a toolkit on disinformation and hate speech under the Strengthening Civic Engagement in Elections in Afghanistan Program. In addition, Mr. Massoud works as a Visiting Lecturer in International Conflict and Security at the University of Afghanistan. As part of his MA required program, he succeeded to work as a Research Intern with the Geneva Center for Security Policy in Geneva, Switzerland. His work as a Research Fellow at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Afghanistan, as an International Relations Advisor in the Ministry of Defense of Afghanistan, and as a Civic Education Trainer at the Independent Election Commission provided him a great chance to understand the challenges of governance in Afghanistan.
He has also participated in several international conferences and seminars, including UN-IDIR Cyber Stability International Conference in 2018 in Geneva, Switzerland, and International Certificate Training Seminar on Human Rights in an International Context in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan in 2019.
His research interest mainly focuses on peace, security, conflict resolution, human rights, and narcotics.

Freshta Hakimi

Monitoring & Evaluation Officer

As a double-majored student, Freshta Golsum Hakimi is currently studying economics and medical science at Dunya University. She completed her high school at the Afghan-Turk Girls High School in 2016. Mss. Freshta is currently working as an Administrative Assistant 

with Civil Society and Human Rights Network (CSHRN) here in Kabul. Over the past years, she has also provided lessons on mathematics and natural science in Afghan-Turk High School and other educational centers in Afghanistan. Freshta has, too, worked as an intern and Surveillance Officer subsequently with the World Health Organization (WHO). As a women human rights defender, Freshta has participated in several civil protests to peacefully fight for the cause of human rights, especially those of women in Afghanistan. Her area of interest is development, statistics, research, and human rights.

Rohullah Ragbar

Graphic Designer

Rohullah Ragbaar holds a BA in Business Administration from Ghawharshad University. He currently works as a Graphic Designer with Civil Society and Human Rights Network (CHSRN).

Mr. Ragbaar has also studied Office Package and professional Photography. He worked as a photographer for several years.
His area of interest is development, statistics, research, and human rights.

Atiqullah Ahmadi

Web Developer

Mr. Atiqullah Ahmadi holds a BA in Computer Science and Software (Software Developer Stream) from St. Philomenas College of Mysore Karnataka in India and a diploma in management.

He currently works as a Web Developer with Civil Society and Human Rights Network (CSHRN).
Previously, Ahmadi has worked as a Web Developer with Python Technology Services Company where he engaged with several projects of DAI, the Swedish Committee, and others. He also offered lessons in Computer Science and Software at different universities in Afghanistan. Mr. Ahmadi has great knowledge of networking, programming such as Cisco, routing and switching, various network configuration, programming languages, implementing Google Ads, Google Analytics, and knowledge of other software packages.