Women serving in the Afghan security sector have paid dearly for the cause of peace. Therefore, their rights in the military must be protect in any post-peace situation.

In interview with CSHRN, Kobra said that women, as the main victims of the armed conflict, should not be deprived of their rights to participate in public affairs and the government must further build up their capacities.

CSHRN: Why is women’s presence necessary in the army?

Kobra: Like men, women’s presence is also critical in the army. In the Afghanistan context, men cannot carry out women’s duties in the army. Therefore, women’s participation in the army facilitate the work of military operation.

CSHRN: Please tell us about your personal experience serving in the Afghan army.

Kobra: Sometimes, working in the army has posed serious, life-threatening challenges to me. I received many threats both online and offline asking me to quit army.

CSHRN: Given the Taliban’s view of women, will women be still able to work if peace comes?

Kobra: In case of sustainable peace, women will be able to work, as many women serve among the Taliban fighters despite the group’s constant denial of this fact.

CSHRN: Can women negotiating members well-represent Afghan women?

Kobra: No, I don’t think if that happens.

CSHRN: What do you expect from the peace talks:

Kobra: I look forward to reach sustainable peace in which everyone can take part for the development of the country.

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