The statement of Advocator Group of UNSCR 1325 of Bamyan province, in regard with implementation of UNSCR 1325 and transition of power to national forces


By the name of merciful and the compassionate God

The statement of Advocator Group of UNSCR 1325 of Bamyan province, in regard with
implementation of UNSCR 1325 and transition of power to national forces

The UNSCR 1325 Advocator Group which has been established in March 2011 by Civil Society and Human Rights Organization (CSHRO) in Bamyan province is composed of 100 women who are active in the field of human rights. This group de spite that appreciates transition of power to national forces, expresses its deeply concern on empowerment of Afghans’ enemy and international terrorism as well as suffering of Bamyan people from deterioration of security after back-drawl of international forces.

One of the key-elements and aim of Boon conference was brining peace and security in Afghanistan therefore efforts have been done by international society, Afghanistan Government and Afghans after the collapse of Taliban, aiming positive peace and security for people of Afghanistan. But unfortunately after ten years of presence of international society and govern of central government we are witness of assassinations, killings of innocent people, suicide attacks and deterioration of security in Afghanistan.

The government of Afghanistan recently has tried from different channels aiming to bring peace and security in the country. Unfortunately all these efforts rather than having a positive effect have provided much more opportunities for systematic and strategic terroristic acts. The recent organized assassinations of high ranking persons in the country are means of verifications of our claim.

Bamyan province is the first province that experiences transition of power from international to national forces. Hence a very week security forces with very week and inadequate military equipment has been deployed in Bamyan province therefore people of Bamyan province especially women worry about expansion of terroristic acts and domination of insurgents in the province. By having insecure transportation ways, less police and absence of national army forces how should expect security and stability in Bamyan province? Therefore we highlight and articulate our expectations as following;

  • However the people of Bamyan are calm and peaceful but violence of neighboring provinces will be pervaded to Bamyan province therefore Government must take seriously measures to keep Bamyan province secure and safe;
  • The women are half of population of the society so active participation of women in all aspect of life especially in peace building process must be protected. Particularly as recently terrorists are dressing themselves with women cloths as a new tactic, women participation in peace building process must be prioritized.
  • We ask Afghanistan Government to provide job opportunities for people from different walks of life, especially for youths. To extend possible this will help people to have access to their economic rights and will limit maneuver of terrorists among youths aiming to use them for illegal behaviors;
  • We ask Afghanistan government to take necessary measures for developing National Action Plan of UNSCR 1325 and do its best for implementation of UNSCR 1325 in Afghanistan. This National Action Plan must protect the women’s rights, deal and tackle challenges and make the ground to secure human rights of Afghan women in the country;
  • We ask UN and other UN relevant bodies to take the international obligations of Afghanistan Government serious and support Afghan Government, People of Afghanistan and Afghan civil society through strategic and sustainable cooperation with them;
  • We ask civil society of all countries to support women of Afghanistan especially deprived women of Bamyan province to obtain their rights;
  • We ask all women of Bamyan province to claim and protect their human rights by broadly and actively participation in all aspects particularly in the field of peace and security.

We hope prosperity for all human rights movements
The UNSCR 1325 Advocator Group of Bamuyan Province

Bamyan- Afghanistan

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