Training Manual of Election

In the name of almighty Allah

Training Manual of Election


Election or the votes of people for electing a president, representatives of people in parliament or a leader of a political party or other institutions is one of the principles of democracy.

Book5With the passage of time, and expansion of human relationships and thoughts, elections has been associated with many increases and decreases and maybe some alterations, but anyhow the main purpose of elections is the votesand opinions of people in politics and political leadership of a society.

Elections is a mechanism that enables all the eligible generation of a society to decide on their own future by participating in the process of electing political leaders for the society.

Elections mechanism is different considering the cultural and intellectual condition of a society. Most often, it’s managed by an independent body called Independent Election Commission or Election Committee.

The role of the government in the election process is interpreted as the facilitator of the condition for the process of the elections and providing security, and does not have the right to interfere in the electoral process.

Understanding and recognizing elections and itsimportance requires intellectual maturity and organizing appropriate training and awareness programs, and delivering it

through the mass media and also distribution of Guidelines and Handbooks that will help and enable the public people to realize the importance of elections and their votes for determining an appropriate leader for a peaceful and stable political future of the society.

The “Training Manual of Election” has been prepared in six chapters to increase the awareness of the people regarding elections and its importance. Reading the training

manual accurately and carefully will provide the readers necessary information regarding the importance of elections, election conditions and requirements, responsibilities and mechanisms of elections. The context of this training manual is provided to help the readers to clearly and precisely understand the elections and its requirements for determining their political future via their participation.

The contents of this handbook has been prepared by the great efforts of our honorable colleagues, Mr. M. Hussein Saramad, Ms. Munira Yusoufzada, Mr. Reza Farzam and Ms. Zahra Mousawi and designed by; Mohammad Aaqa Zaki.Its worthy of thanking our hardworking colleagues for their remarkable efforts in providing and preparing this handbook.

The Civil Society and Human Rights Network of Afghanistan (CSHRN) hopes this training manual to be considered as playing the part of its responsibilities in consolidating demo cracy in Afghanistan.

In Hope of a Developed, Free and Democratic Afghanistan!
M. Naim Nazari, Executive Director, CSHRN


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