Great opportunities have been provided to women after the collapse of the Taliban. And yet, peace negotiations with the Taliban have created serious concerns for Afghan women about their rights to be compromised.

In interview with CSHRN, Nazifa Sharifi, a journalist from Kabul, expressed her concerns that women might be restricted in their capacity to undertake public affairs. She asked the government to preserve women’s achievements. Returning to the dark age of the Taliban is totally unacceptable for Afghan men and women who have covered along path to development.

CSHRN: What do you think of the peace talks, as a journalist?

Nazifa: Women in the provinces such as Takhar are not optimistic about the result of the peace talks. Their main concerns are about the possible loss of their gains.

CSHRN: How can women’s presence in the talks change the Taliban’s position?

Nazifa: The composition of the negotiating team is a matter of concern. Only few women members in the team are of sufficient capacity to negotiate. Therefore, the composition must be reconsidered and include those women who have strong capacity in negotiation.

CSHRN: What should other women, especially civil society activists, do to strengthen the position of women in peace talks?

Nazifa: Women from other sectors must share their views with the negotiating team through different means of communication. They can ask the team to stand for their rights and protect them at the best of their efforts. She believes that the peace deal in which women’s rights are fully recognized will be acceptable to all.

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